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Will vending machines replace physical supermarkets in the future?

Time: 2021-05-27

Will vending machines replace physical supermarkets in the future?

1. The advantage of keypad vending machines

The biggest advantage of vending machines is that they are unattended, which greatly saves labor costs, and the equipment is networked and intelligently operated. One person can operate dozens or even dozens of machines through background operations. Only a few employees need to be hired. Real-time replenishment of background data and regular maintenance are enough. In terms of saving labor and time costs, physical supermarkets cannot compare with vending machines.


2. Will vending machines replace physical supermarkets in the future?

At present, unmanned vending machines selling drinks and snacks in many places have replaced small kiosks. Many subways, high-speed rails, train stations, schools, and hospitals have vending machines, and unmanned self-service convenience stores have also appeared in some places. It can be said that vending machines have appeared in the streets and alleys, and even become an infrastructure in society. Someone asked, will vending opportunities replace traditional supermarkets in the future? The answer is no.

The first is the small size of the vending machine. Most vending machines sell products with low unit price, high purchase frequency, and wide demand from the crowd, such as beverages, snacks, etc., and the types of goods are very single, and it is difficult to cover all consumer needs of people. If there are only vending machines in the future, people The consumption will be very inconvenient.

The second is that customers need a buying experience. Vending machines are unattended, which prevents customers from having face-to-face communication on the performance and price of their intended products. In reality, the price, performance, and usage of many products are not transparent. Customers need to communicate with merchants in detail to decide whether to purchase. This kind of shopping experience cannot be provided by vending machines.

3. What can we do?

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