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Will the metal keypad be applied to the shared refrigerator cabinet?

Time: 2022-11-24

With the popularization of all kinds of shared equipment, shared refrigerators have also begun to attract attention. Due to the early stage of operation, there are many types of shared refrigerators. The following introduces two representative usage methods, and then discusses whether metalkeypads will be used in Shared refrigerator cabinet.



Shared refrigerator pilot1:


Several shared refrigerators are placed in a community in Beijing. Through the glass doors on the cabinets, you can see that there are a lot of food in the refrigerators. The way to get the food inside is inseparable from the metalkeypad on the cabinet. First of all,check the metal keypad, then click on the food you want to choose on the refrigerator cabinet, click on the metalkeypad to confirm, and the user takes away the food that pops up.


Shared refrigerator pilot 2:


Hundreds of shared refrigerators have been installed in a large company in Fuzhou. It can be seen that they are full of snacks. These foods are usually ordered by users in advance, and then placed in the shared refrigerators the next day. Shared refrigerators The cabinet door will not be closed, and food can be taken from it at any time, while the monitoring device is only a camera, which is simpler than the previous method, but it relies too much on personal accomplishment.


Comparing the two methods comprehensively, the first method is more in line with the concept of sharing, and the second method is just a gimmick of sharing to sell food, and there is no guarantee that the food will be successfully traded in the end. Therefore, the probability of using metal keyboards in shared refrigerators in the future is quite high.


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