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Why are all the bank ATM machines with metal keyboards? Too much knowledge

Time: 2021-08-13

Why are all the bank ATM machines with metal keyboards? Too much knowledge

In life, you are used to many things a long time ago. But when the child asks you: "Why are ATM machines all metal keyboards?", can you really answer it?

Today, I will give you popular science, some little knowledge hidden in life.


Why are bank ATM machines generally using metal numeric keypads?

I used to think that the cash machine keyboard is made of metal because the metal is more resistant to damage. Until today, I did not know that the metal was chosen for this reason! But because it has the benefit of preventing leaks. What you may not understand is that if the keyboard is made of ordinary material, the temperature on the keyboard will be changed after pressing the password with your finger. Although we can't see this subtle change with the naked eye, it can be captured by a thermal camera.

Therefore, once someone uses this approach, they can see from the photos which numbers are pressed, and the order in which the numbers are pressed, so as to obtain the password. In this way, the safety of bank users' funds is vulnerable to serious threats.

So, what happens if the ATM key is made of metal?

The metal material has a fast conductivity, and the temperature changes very quickly. Even if someone quickly takes a picture with a

 thermal camera, it is difficult to observe the color, let alone judge the order.

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