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What’s the Benefits of Lowering the Cost of Prison Phone Calls

Time: 2022-12-16

Connecticut recently became the first state to make all calls free for those serving time in state prisons and juvenile detention facilities, and preliminary results suggest the change allows for more communication with the outside world.


Advocates say this will ultimately improve outcomes for individuals after their release.


"It's been really invaluable for me to be able to maintain relationships with people, and once I'm able to go home, it will definitely help me because I don't feel like I've been thrown into a world that I haven't been a part of for years. ,said ACLU-CT campaign manager Gus Marks-Hamilton, who served nearly eight years in state prison.


Allowing prisoners to talk to relatives and friends at an affordable cost would be a more humane approach, and a more effective one. Research shows that regular phone calls with family members can reduce recidivism and boost recovery after release from prison. Lowering phone costs can save taxpayers money and improve public safety in the long run.


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