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What will the future 6G and above look like for communication systems to 5G?

Time: 2020-04-17

From 1G to 5G, it means from the first generation to the fifth generation communication system, but 5G is a revolutionary and more substantial technological upgrade. For example, the capacity of 5G is 20 times that of 4G and 10,000 times that of 2G; the power consumption per bit is reduced by 10 times compared to 4G; the volume is reduced to 1/3. The 5G base station is as big as a suitcase, only 20 kg, There is no need to build a large iron tower. It can be installed on poles and hung on the wall at will; of course, it can be installed on the existing large iron tower, and even 5G can be installed in the sewer. To summarize briefly, 5G has the following characteristics:

  1. Large bandwidth: The energy of 5G bandwidth is very large and can provide a lot of high-definition content. The cost can be reduced by a factor of 100, so that ordinary people can afford high-definition television, and the culture is rapidly improved.

  2. Low power consumption: In the 5G state, even if the terminal is in a power-saving "sleep" state, it can still maintain a connection to the network at all times.

  3. Low latency: With 5G, the problem of network delay is basically solved.

  4. Internet of Everything: 5G can realize the Internet of Everything at anytime and anywhere, and it is a synchronous participation without delay, so as to realize the connection of things and things, things and people and the network, so as to identify and control.

  5. Reconstructing safety: 5G will rebuild a brand-new safety system, and intelligent transportation systems such as land, sea and air are being established, which can effectively reduce the probability of traffic accidents.

If there is 5G, there will be 6G. What will the future 6G or above look like?

At present, a more official answer is that 6G will explore and gather related technologies that 5G has missed.

The three key technologies of 6G are related to the three major aspects of 6G spectrum, how to realize 6G wireless "super-large capacity" and how to use 6G spectrum innovation.

From the perspective of easy to understand:The theoretical download speed of 6G can reach 1000GB per second, which is 100 times that of 5G