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What project does Xianglong mainly join in?

Time: 2022-07-29

Recently, our subsidiary, Jiuwo Explosion-proof Technology, has successfully won the field communication project of chemical plant, oil field communication project and military explosive depot communication project. These projects have extremely strict requirements on the safety performance of communication products, requiring the products to have the characteristics of explosion-proof, fire-proof and anti-static.

Industrial telephone project

All accessories of Joiwo's telephone products are provided by Xianglong Communication Industry Co., Ltd. In the field of industrial communication, Xianglong Communication Industry has always provided industrial telephone handsets and keyboards with stable quality and reliable performance, which has enabled Joiwo to occupy a certain position in the field of industrial communication and continuously expand its market share.

In recent years, we have also continued to expand to the industrial security access control industry, fire protection industry, air traffic control industry and public transportation communication industry, and developed matching handset and keyboard products. If you have corresponding needs, please contact us by email: sales01@yyxlong.com or whatsapp 008613858299721.