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What is the features about the industrial telephone handset?

Time: 2023-11-15

Industrial telephone handset,also known asanti-vandal telephone handset,are indispensable communication equipment in various industries and public facilities.Yuyao Xianglong Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and specializes in the production of telephone handsets and other related accessories.Their industrial telephone handsets are known for their ruggedness,durability and superior functionality. In this article,we will discuss the features and benefits of these industrial handset devices and how they are ideally suited for harsh environments.

One of the key features of thisindustrial telephone handsetis its vandal-proof design. These telephone handsets are built to withstand rough handling and vandalism. They are constructed from explosion-proof carbon-loaded ABS and flame-retardant ABS materials to resist physical abuse and damage. Whether in industrial settings or public spaces, these telephone handsets can withstand harsh conditions and maintain reliable communications.

In addition to being vandal-resistant, these handsets are alsowaterproof handsetsandweatherproof handsets.The waterproof features of these handsets ensure uninterrupted communications when installed outdoors or in areas exposed to water or extreme weather conditions. This makes them ideal for outdoor applications such as security systems, access control systems and vending machine communications.

Additionally, industrial telephone handsets are designed to communicate in noisy environments.The 
push-to-talk switch telephone handset , users can easily initiate conversations even in noisy environments. This feature has proven to be very valuable in industrial environments with heavy machinery or other sources of noise interference. It ensures clear and effective communication even in challenging noise conditions, allowing for fast and efficient coordination between team members.

A01+B518Additionally, the earpiece comes with a weather-resistant PVC coiled cord. These cords are not only durable but also mobile, ensuring users can use the handset comfortably. These power cords are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and constant exposure to outdoor elements, guaranteeing long-lasting performance in any environment.

Yuyao Xianglong Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. is committed to providing communication solutions that meet the diverse needs of customers. With expertise in industrial and military communications, they have built a reputation for delivering products with exceptional performance, reliability and durability. Their commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in the design and production of industrial telephone handsets.


To sum up,the industrial telephones provided by Yuyao Xianglong Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. are reliable and sturdy communication equipment designed for harsh environments.Thesehandset are vandal-proof weatherproof,ensuringuninterrupted communications in industrial environments, security systems and various public facilities. Push-to-talk functionality and weather-resistant cords further enhance the usability and convenience of these handsets. For industries looking for durable, high-performance communications solutions, Yuyao Xianglong Communications Industrial Co., Ltd.'s industrial telephone handsets are an excellent choice.