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What is the difference between industrial handsets and traditional similar products

Time: 2023-07-04

With the rapid development of communication digitization, public telephones have become an important means for people to communicate in various public places such as airports, railway stations, and shopping malls. However, the traditional telephone handsets used in these public facilities are often subject to wear and tear due to high usage. This has prompted Xianglong  Communication to develop industrial handsets specifically to meet the unique needs of public telephones.


So, what is the difference between industrial handsets and traditional similar products?


Firstly, its robust design ensures maximum durability even in the most demanding environments. The phone is able to withstand harsh weather conditions, physical shock, and acts of vandalism, ensuring a reliable communication experience for the public. In addition, the use of high-quality materials ensures its resistance to corrosion, thus extending its service life and reducing maintenance costs.


In addition, Xianglong Communication is well aware of the importance of clear and uninterrupted communication for public telephone users. Therefore, their industrial handsets are equipped with advanced noise reduction technology to minimize background noise and ensure clear calls in any environment. Meanwhile, the ergonomic design of the phone ensures comfortable use for long periods of time, allowing users to stay connected without any discomfort.


The benefits of industrial handsets on public telephones are many. These handsets not only enhance the public's communication experience but also reduce maintenance costs for telecom service providers. By investing in these durable and reliable phones, the need for frequent repairs and replacements will be greatly reduced, resulting in significant cost savings.


Yuyao Xianglong Communication Industry Co., Ltd. continues to prove its commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative solutions. Their industrial handsets reflect their commitment to improving the communication experience in public spaces while maintaining the highest quality standards. With its expertise and reputation in the industry, Xianglong Communications has always been at the forefront of technological advancements.