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What is an industrial keypad and what is it used for?

Time: 2022-10-28

As the name suggests, an industrialkeypad isthe keypad that used for industry. In fact, the working principle of an industrialkeypad is the same as that of an ordinarykeypad, and its internal structure is also similar. The difference is that the industrialkeypad has a special metal material and a sturdy appearance, which can achieve functions that ordinarykeypads do not have, such as anti-riot, dust-proof, waterproof, etc. The industrial keypad also has an electronic lock switch, which can prevent illegal opening, closing and illegalkeypads. enter. Therefore, it is widely used on input devices with special requirements for the environment. As an embedded device, industrialkeypad is widely used in the field of financial equipment, communication equipment, military equipment and a series of self-service terminal equipment.

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Features of IndustrialKeypads

The characteristics of the metal keypad are: through the sturdy metal material and a series of special technical means, it has the conditions to face the harsh environment. Using its special properties of waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion, it is widely used in many outdoor self-service equipment, and the protection level can reach IP67. Use in any harsh environment and can be disinfected and washed in water. The special design and production process of the siliconekeypad make the keypad structure simple and use specially developed high-strength silicone adhesive, without any metal gongs, and the performance is reliable and stable.

Classification of industrial keypads

Industrial keypads can be divided into: silicone keypads, metal keypads, anti-riot keypads, long-stroke keypads, membrane keypads, rack-mounted industrial keypads, matrix master keypads, industrial touch keypads, industrial control-specific waterproof keypads, backlit reinforced keypads, desktop reinforced keypads and many more keypads.

Uses of industrial keypads


Industrial keypads are widely used in: electric power, national defense, military industry, aerospace, agriculture, medical care, communications, ATM machines, petrochemicals, machinery manufacturing, transportation, voice numerical control, Internet, automation control, measuring instruments, query terminals and other fields.

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