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What did we do to follow the trend of smart factory?

Time: 2023-02-18

The global COVID-19 in recent years has caused serious development obstacles to the manufacturing industry. Fortunately, data from the UN Industrial Development Organization (the UN Industrial Development Organization) in 2022 shows that the global manufacturing industry is entering a stage of strong recovery. The growth rate reached 18.2%. And a survey of more than 200 top decision-makers at global manufacturing companies found that 68% listed improving "resilience" and "agility" as their top business priorities for the next few years.

Among the key trends affecting the future development of the manufacturing industry, smart factories have gradually penetrated and implemented in Yuyao Xianglong Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. In the past 5 years, how to improve the efficiency of the production line, reduce labor costs, and improve the market competitiveness of products has been the key point of our continuous exploration, improvement and promotion.

First of all, start from the accessory production line to increase the daily production of keypads through intelligent equipment. Adding manipulators and automatic punching machines from the source production link replaces the original manual work of 3-5 positions, improves production safety and average daily output; and the keys sorting machine and auto-painting machine shorted the production time; on the keypad assembly line, visual scanning after keypad assembly is particularly important. Artificial visual fatigue is a difficulty Xianglong has always wanted to solve. In 2018, through the introduction of online automatic visual scanners, the manual work of 5 positions was reduced, and the qualification rate of key words was improved at the same time.Machines

At the same time, we have also added professional testing equipment such as high and low temperature environment simulation test chambers, high-concentration salt spray testers, and tensile tests. Through professional test data, we have also shown customers a more professional side in the communication field.test machines

As a benchmark enterprise in the industrial communication industry, Xianglong Communication is constantly committed to how to improve production management from within, optimize the supply chain, increase the average daily output, and reduce production costs to benefit industry customers. If you have needs for industrial communication accessories, please contact us.