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What did we do to avoid fire risk?

Time: 2022-09-24

According to statistics from relevant departments, the fire brigade participates in more than 40,000 fire fighting operations in the workplace every year. More than 30 people are killed and nearly 3,000 injured in these fires each year. Additionally, workplace fires account for an average of 10 million insurance claims per week.


This week, a fire broke out in the warehouse of a fabric factory in the west of Yuyao City. The entire factory burned down in just a few minutes, and the walls collapsed and strong smoke was generated. After the rescue efforts of the firefighters, the fire was brought under control and did not spread to other places. However, in these short few minutes, the company's efforts for decades were burned, and the employees immediately lost their jobs, which brought great harm to the society. Bad influence came. The Yuyao Municipal Government attaches great importance to the fire and urges the public security department to adjust the cause of the fire.


Water and fire are ruthless, and the lessons brought by disasters are painful. For fires, prevention work in daily life is very important. From fire-fighting equipment, employee safety awareness, and basic fire-fighting common sense, every link cannot be ignored. In order to further strengthen the fire safety awareness of employees, this month, Xianglong Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. specially invited the staff of Yuyao Fire Squadron to our factory to conduct fire protection knowledge training, explanation and corresponding assessment for all employees to ensure that every employee is Master basic firefighting knowledge. At the same time, a fire scene operation drill was carried out to enable employees to practice the correct use of fire extinguishers. Finally, a fire safety inspection team was assembled inside the factory to inspect the fire equipment in every area of the factory and replace the bad fire equipment to eliminate potential safety hazards.


Xianglong Communication

For a qualified production enterprise, fire safety is the most basic safety requirement. In the factory verification by Intertek every year, these basic safety facilities are one of the important factors of verification. So don't ignore these hidden security factors when choosing a supplier. Safe and reliable, stable quality and cost-effective suppliers are trusted partners.