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What blind and deaf people could benefit from the design?

Time: 2022-05-05

Blind and deaf people soon will be able to more easily use smart phones, the Internet and other technologies that have become staples of life and the workplace.


According to People with abilities act of the People Republic of China, New construction, reconstruction and expansion of buildings, roads, transportation facilities, etc., shall comply with the relevant national construction standards for barrier-free facilities.

People's governments at all levels and relevant departments shall, in accordance with the national regulations on construction of barrier-free facilities, gradually advance the renovation of existing facilities, and give priority to the renovation of public service facilities closely related to the daily work and life of persons with disabilities.

Barrier-free facilities should be maintained and protected in a timely .


The United States government also gave priority of advocates for the millions of Americans who cannot see or hear.

The law sets federal guidelines for the telecommunications industry to ensure that the blind can get to the Internet using devices such as smart phones. They'll also be able to hear audible descriptions of what's happening on TV screens.

For the deaf and hearing impaired, the law requires captioning of TV programs on the Internet. Equipment used for Internet telephone calls also must be compatible with hearing aids.

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