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What are the types of keypads?

Time: 2023-05-15

What are the types of keypadsAt present, the common keypads on the market are generally distinguished according to the trigger mode of the keys. The so-called trigger mode refers to how the electronic components inside the keypad detect the way the user presses the keys. There are three main categories: mechanical keypad,membrane keypadand capacitive keypad.

1.Mechanical Keypad

The mechanical keypad uses the principle of metal contact switch to make the contacts open or open. Each key of a mechanical keypad has a separate switch to control closure. This switch is also known as the "axis". There are many classifications of axes, and the compression force and travel vary, depending on the color of the axle body. 


2.Membrane keypad

There are four layers in the plastic film keypad, one with raised conductive rubber, the other with isolation layer, and the top and bottom with contacts. Press the rubber bump down through the keys to make the upper and lower contacts touch and output the code. This keypad has no mechanical wear and is highly reliable. 


3.Capacitive keypad

Capacitive keypad is a kind of principle similar to capacitive switch, which changes the capacitance by changing the distance between electrodes through keys, temporarily forming the conditions for the oscillating pulse to pass through. We know that the capacity of a capacitor is determined by the medium, the distance between the poles and the area of the poles. So when the key cap is pressed, the distance between the poles changes, which causes the capacitance capacity to change. When the parameters are designed properly, there is output when the keys are pressed, but no output when the keys are pressed. This output is then scaled up to drive the encoder.

Because the capacitor does not touch, there are no wear, poor contact and other problems in the operation of this key. The durability, sensitivity and stability are better. To avoid dust entering between the electrodes, the capacitive key switch uses a sealed assembly.

4.What are the features of our keypads?

1Customize any key face in multiple languages to suit different countries and customized requirements.

2Easy to install, can provide pin, XH, USB, PH and other interface.

3Keypad structure up to IP65 is waterproof, dust-proof, corrosion-resistant, IK09 vandal-proof, pry-proof, and can prevent intentional damage, especially in harsh environments, but also can work normally, sensitive, good touch, enabling users to achieve accurate and stable data input.

4Strong environmental adaptability: Operating Temperature: -25to + 65℃,Storage temperature: -40to + 85℃,Relative humidity: 30%-95%Atmospheric pressure: 60-106 Kpa