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Unmanned Vending Machines Are Favored ON Campus To Strengthen Epidemic Prevention And Control

Time: 2020-12-17


Under the premise of strict epidemic prevention and control work, how to effectively promote consumption and effectively avoid crowds gathering, especially on campuses with large numbers of people, is a question worth considering. Nowadays, the automatic disinfection "contactless" unmanned vending machine is favored by many teachers and students on campus.

Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, vending machines require minimal manual labor and allow customers to access food at any time of day.They can also be easily installed in a variety of locations due to their compact size.



In front of the unmanned vending machine on campus, two or three students disinfect their hands on the induction disinfection machine, use WeChat to scan the code or put the money into the cash port, and choose the beverage they need. In just ten seconds, a shopping behavior was completed, and the whole process realized "contactless" shopping.

"During the time when the new crown epidemic is not over, this unmanned sales method is very popular with students, and our school's logistics department also strongly supports it." said Zhou Wei, the head of the logistics office of Bachuan Middle School in Chongqing. A large number of students flooding into campus supermarkets for shopping will inevitably cause crowds to gather, which is not conducive to epidemic prevention and control. The unmanned vending machine can divert students and reduce the concentration of students, and can also realize "contactless" shopping.


The personnel responsible for the daily maintenance of these unmanned vending machines will disinfect the unmanned vending machines every day, focusing on the parts of the fuselage keyboard and pick-up ports that are frequently used.


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