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Orange Phone Booths Installed In Yuyuan Road, Shanghai

Time: 2020-03-13

From the city waste changed to the location where people often show up or visit, what happened to Shanghai's phone booth?


In this age where almost everyone has a smartphone, how should the old public phone booth play a new role?

Can it have other functions in the contemporary public domain?

These ideas have inspired creative people around the world to find solutions, with the intention of turning these old cities into something more useful to the current society and its way of life.

MINI China, in collaboration with Changning District Government, Anomaly & Assbook, commissioned us the design and production for revamping old phone booths in Yuyuan Road, a very historic road of Shanghai. The main objective was to explore the possibilities of revamping such old relics to become of relevant public use in this contemporary time, as they already were in a past time.



These telephone booths not only provide telephones that people can call, they also provide shelter for those who use them, and the closed spaces bring a sense of privacy.

New features of the newly remodeled phone booth include: free wireless WIFI, free USB charging socket, lounge chair, newspaper rack, coffee table, night reading light and emergency public telephone. Telephone consists of K style ABS/PC weatherproof handset4x4 16 keys metal keypad and other telephone parts.




Xianglong is a manufacturer which speicialized industrial phone handsets、keypads、hook switch and other accessories over 12 years!

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