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How to Clean a Metal Keypad

Time: 2022-11-18

After a long period of use, the metal keypad will adhere to many bacteria, microorganisms, etc., and even deposit dust, dander and other sundries, which will affect the appearance of the metal keypad, and will also damage the metal keypad and corrode the metal keypad. Here's how to clean your metal keypad.


1. Use a blower to blow off the dust on the surface of the metal keypad. The disassembly and assembly of themetal keypad is relatively simple. For deep cleaning, you can choose to remove themetal keypad and then use a blower to clean it from all angles, so that the basic cleaning effect can be achieved.

2. Choose to use detergent to clean the surface of themetal keypad. To clean the surface of themetal keypad, you can put a small amount of detergent on the cotton cloth. Be careful not to get too much detergent. Just let the cotton cloth feel slightly damp, then gently wipe the surface of themetal keypad with a cotton cloth, and then Wipe one side with a dry cotton cloth, and absorb it on the surface of themetal keypad with a hair absorber. This will give yourmetal keypad a new look.

3. Disinfection ofmetal keypad. Generally,metal keypad are touched by many people. For example, themetal keypadson ATM machines are touched by hundreds of people. The disinfection process of themetal keypad is similar to the second method of cleaning themetal keypad, except that the detergent is replaced with alcohol, which prevents themetal keypad from becoming a source of virus infection.


One thing to pay attention to in the process of cleaning themetal keypad is not to use too much liquid, especially to use water directly to clean themetal keypad. Once the water seeps into themetal keypad or remains on themetal keypad surface, it will directly damage themetal keypad.


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