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How the Pandemic Revolutionized Vending Machines

Time: 2021-03-18

For the last year, medical professionals and governing bodies have advised people to minimize contact with others if at all possible. Thats one of the reasons more and more retailers are offering curbside pickup, why delivery companies are abounding and why automats are having a resurgence. Theres also another method of contactless interaction thats seen an expansion during the pandemic vending machines.


But were not just talking about your basic vending machines offering chips, candy bars and soda.Vending machines that dispense everything from pizzas to cupcakes to shrink-wrapped meats. Upscale vending machines are cropping up where theres been a dearth of dining options, especially in airport terminals, where the pandemic has shuttered some restaurants, as a growing market for them.


The vending machine makers are testing out ways to minimize surface contact. For some, that means making a vending machine thats compatible with an app, where people can do their ordering. For others, its involved the creation of touchpads where hovering is sufficient to indicate what someone would like to order.


Food isnt the only thing that high-tech vending machines have been selling as of late. Over the summer of 2020, the MTA began using vending machines to sell PPE within subway stations. Its a fascinating expansion of an old technology but whether it will affect the world of retail and food service after we emerge from the pandemic is a big question.


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