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How can we benefit from self-service terminal?

Time: 2023-05-12

The progress and development of information technology has brought many intelligent touch devices, which has brought a lot of convenience to our life and work. In particular, the emergence of self-service terminals not only provides users with a lot of convenience, but also brings economic benefits to buyers and users, reduces post-operation costs.

In terms of medical care, the terminal can optimize the medical process and functional layout through self-registration, self-payment, self-printing of inspection reports, self-service viewing, etc.Self-service terminals can effectively reduce hospital service costs.


The terminal functions of the bank can be used for basic functions such as cash access, balance checking, transfer in the bank or other banks, and password modification. It also provides a series of convenient services such as passbook printing, statement printing, check deposit, envelope deposit, payment, and recharge. Complete relevant work through self-service terminals, reduce labor costs.


Keypads also play an important role inself-service terminalWe,Yuyao Xianglong Communication Industrial has been committed to the production of industrial metal keypads forterminaland has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial keypads in the industry. If you have any requests and demands, please feel free to contact us.