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How can banks use ATM machine to their advantage?

Time: 2021-04-30

  Competition for retail banking services is intensifying between traditional banks and an array of digital challengers. Retaining customers 

has become ever more difficult. Additionally, COVID-19 lockdown measures have propelled more customers to use digital services. This, 

in turn, has triggered an acceleration of digital transformation within the banking industry.


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Taken together, all of these trends have led to a decline in the use of cash. One survey by Mastercard revealed more than one in five 

customers have stopped using cash entirely. So, is it natural for banks to consider reducing cash-based services via traditional ATMs?

  The answer is actually more complex, as banks are beginning to discover as unease about loss of access to cash in communities grows.

  Get any work done online although consumers are becoming more and more familiar with digital payments, the desire for cash has not 

diminished significantly. After an initial decrease of cash usage in the pandemic, we see worldwide that the trend is reversing and that the 

amount of cash being circulated through the ATM is now going up in aggregate. Additionally, research from RBR’s Global ATM Market 

and Forecasts research revealed that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of worldwide cash withdrawals will increase by 2.1% between 

2019 – 2025.

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