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Do You Remember When You Last Used The Public Phone Kiosk?

Time: 2020-01-03

Do you remember when you last used the public telephone handset to made a call?

When the public telephone was launched,it was very popular. Even in the TV and movies that are filmed today, the phone booth is regarded as an iconic product of the time. However, with the popularity of smart phones, there are fewer and fewer public telephones.

Public Telephones have different usage in different countries, and the purpose of setting up is different. Let ’s introduce several representative countries:

Japan-As we all know, as a country with severe aging, many elderly people are not used to carrying phones with them, and public telephone booths have become an emergency place. In addition, Japan is a country with many tsunamis and earthquakes. When a natural disaster occurs, you can use a telephone booth to respond to the situation when the mobile phone base station is damaged.

So it's set up for the elderly! In Japan's tram and subway stations, various public telephone kioks are often seen. Relative to the popularity of mobile phones, Japan is not lower than China, and so many phone kiosks in Japan are mainly designed for the elderly.


Europe-set up for for the poor! Although most countries in Europe are high welfare, there are also many homeless people on the streets. Because homeless people have no place to stay, coupled with no money to pay for mobile phones or mobile phone cards, sometimes they need to make a call, and the phone booth can work.

However, driven by the wave of technology, the proportion of public telephone kiosks is constantly decreasing. The function of the telephone kiosks has also changed from the original telephone call to a kind of "decoration". Many countries have ingeniously transformed the telephone kiosk.


Nowadays, there are more telephone kiosks in foreign countries than in China,because foreign countries have more feelings for public telephones.