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Digital Gas Station Metal Keypad Original Manufacturer in China

Time: 2020-11-18


With the increase in inbound and outbound tourism, as well as the increase in domestic and international transportation, the global demand for gas stations is increasing, and the gas station equipment market has therefore maintained a steady growth rate.


Xianglong B723 digital metal keypad is mainly used in fuel dispensers /gas stations. The keypad surface and buttons are designed with good anti-vandal, anti-corrosion, dust-proof, and waterproof characteristics. Even in harsh environments, the keypad can also be operated very well.


How Does Xianglong Metal Keypad Performed Well In Gas Station?

1. The button surface is etched and filled with patterns and characters with moderate paint depth. Achieve chemical anti-corrosion and anti-shedding effect, Can better protect the comfort of keyboard users during use.

2. The front panel and bottom plate are made of 1.5mm thick high-quality SUS304 brushed stainless steel plate. Even if it is contaminated with gasoline and other substances, it is not easy to rust.

3.  We support customized buttons, which is durable and can match different refueling equipment very well.

4. The life cycle can reach more than 1 million times, and the keyboard surface could reach IP65 protection level, which helps users reduce maintenance costs.



Since 2005, Xianglong has 15 years of experience in the metal keypad industry.

Focus on doing one thing for 15 years, we have stable and reliable quality and a series of production equipment, and independent experience in designing and developing keypads for customers, so we’re looking forward to your first “test the water” and join in.