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China's security access control market

Time: 2021-01-04


With the development of the global economy, people are increasingly concerned about security access control and safety issues, and the global security industry market is also developing rapidly. The widening gap between the rich and the poor has caused the crime rate in developing countries to increase, and the demand for security and access control products has gradually increased. At the same time, security access control systems have been widely used in governments, enterprises, factories, petrochemicals, automobiles, shipbuilding, finance, hospitals, military and other industries. As of 2007, China has become the world's second largest security market after the United States.

Affected by the international financial turmoil in the second half of 2008, the State Council issued ten measures to stimulate domestic demand, which invested huge sums of money in accelerating independent innovation and structural adjustment, supporting the construction of high-tech industrialization and industrial technological progress, and supporting the development of the service industry; The construction of major infrastructure such as highways and airports, as well as the construction of a number of passenger dedicated lines, coal transportation corridor projects and western trunk railways, improving the expressway network, arranging the construction of central and western trunk airports and branch airports, etc., greatly alleviating the impact on domestic Due to the impact of the security market, the RFID industry has also added more business opportunities; in the same period in other related fields, with the rebound of the domestic property market at the end of March 2009, the demand for access control card systems in various fields such as smart building security, digital communities, and hospitals The main reason for achieving rapid growth is that China’s continuous construction climax also provides the most solid foundation for the stable development of the security market.

In the application of smart community access control, the integration of smart home controller and building intercom system is combined to control household appliances (lighting, air conditioning, TV, audio, refrigerator, etc.) through the network. Then use the intelligent access control card system, combined with anti-theft alarm to realize the management of alarm equipment arming and disarming, and the intelligent identification application of CCTV linkage control to realize a highly integrated intelligent security management solution. Upgrade the traditional access control management function to integrated security access control integration management (including access control, alarm, patrol, parking lot, elevator, CCTV linkage, DVR integration, biometric device integration, OPC service, card design and printing, multi-company Management, dual bus and other series functions) and access control card management will surely give birth to a brand new access control market.

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