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Areas worthy of attention in the access control system market

Time: 2021-08-28

Areas worthy of attention in the access control system market

At this stage, the access control system is accompanied by the technology of proximity card and the development of biometric technology. It has achieved a flying development. In the mature stage, there have been systems such as proximity card access control, biometric access control, and out-of-order keyboard access control systems. In terms of safety factor, Convenience, ease of management and other aspects have their own advantages, and the main uses are becoming more and more extensive.


According to the data analysis of the China Business Industry Research Institute "2018-2023 China Smart Home Industry Market Prospects and Investment Opportunities Research Report", the market size of China's access control system in 2017 was nearly 17 billion yuan, and in 2018, the market size of China's access control system exceeded 20 billion yuan. . Qianzhan.com also predicts and analyzes that by 2023, the market size of the access control system is expected to reach RMB 29.4 billion.

Entering 2019, as a high-frequency commodity for social development and life, the access control system will continue to maintain a strong growth momentum as it integrates the development trend requirements of vertical industry intelligence upgrades. Under this circumstance, of course there are thousands of companies wanting to get a share of the pie. So, what are the sub-sectors in the access control industry that are worthy of attention?

Smart access control bears the brunt. With the continuous improvement of smart technology and people’s living standards, the access control system has become more and more intelligent, affected by the housing purchase restriction policy, and the growth rate of the sales market has slowed down, but project investment-oriented business intelligent buildings have always been a hot spot on the Internet. . It is worth mentioning that, under the promotion of security video surveillance, the requirements for smart home access control continue to expand, which promotes the access control industry to become a security system that goes hand in hand with anti-theft alarm systems and video surveillance systems.

"Three Pillars"

In addition to smart access control, the most prominent development trend belongs to mobile credentials, which is regarded as a key element to change the current business model of access control systems. Although the mobile voucher market is still in the development stage at this stage, many end users hope to install corresponding card readers in the original system to complete the technical connection and upgrade. IHS reports that the readers will be sold on the sales market in 2020. Among the products, compatible mobile certificates will be applied for more than 10%.

In addition, the access control as a service model is also very worthy of attention. In the access control as a service model, confidential access control management can be completed without capital investment in expensive on-site IT infrastructure. In small and medium-sized projects, ACaaS solutions will be particularly popular. The top 15 access control suppliers account for more than half of the total business scale of the world's access control sales market, but there are still some opportunities for new suppliers, especially for small and medium-sized projects.

Promoted by excellent technologies such as artificial intelligence technology, Internet of Things technology, and Internet big data, the technological innovation of access control systems has already entered a new stage. In 2019, access control system manufacturers should seize new opportunities, keep pace with the times, and achieve better development.

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