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4x4 16 keys metallic keypad Insatalled In Mobile Fuel Dispensers

Time: 2020-08-27

     The prosperity of the economic market has also increased the emergence of many industries, and various production equipment have also continued to appear. Among these equipment, mobile fuel dispensers are one of them, with intelligent functions, making it more convenient for consumers to refuel.

    4x4 16 keys Metallic keypads (known in the industry as “full travel” keypads), are suitable for truck, oil station, farm, and factory to fill or dispense oil for cars or machines. Our customer share with us some install pictures and said they are very satisfied with our vandal resistant metallic keypad and gave a very positive comment!

Xianglong B7XX series 4x4 16 keys metallic keypads using stainless steel frame and buttons for durability Optimizes ergonomics and high anti-knock performance. B5XX series 4x4 metal keypad using zinc alloy material frame and keys, it's also a pretty good choice for fuel dispensers as its high quality and lower price.

The keypad also recommends applying to areas such as vending machines, ATM and cabinet locks.

Providing users with the satisfying high-tech products has always been Xianglong’s pursuit by relying on the development of science and technology.

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