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16 Buttons Stainless Steel Keypad Installed In Parcel Cabinet Project

Time: 2020-08-19

   With the rapid development of e-commerce, online shopping has become an indispensable way for people to consume, and the timeliness of express delivery and distribution services has become the focus of public attention. In order to solve the problem of low end distribution efficiency, many companies and e-commerce companies have introduced intelligent express cabinets.


 Intelligent parcel cabinet system, including industrial computer, which is connected with a 16 Buttons Stainless Steel Keypad, QR code scanner, touch screen, QR code printer, electronic lock control board, server; electronic lock control board is installed on the cabinet The electronic lock is connected, the server is connected with the computer WEB terminal or mobile phone APP.

Why are there more and more parcel cabinets being installed and used?

      1.Eliminate multiple deliveries caused by recipients going out, and improve the delivery efficiency of express companies.

     2.The privacy and personal safety of the sender and receiver are protected, and it is convenient for the sender and receiver to send and pick up at any time.

     3.Users can temporarily store the items that are inconvenient to carry when traveling in the smart parcel cabinet, and take them away when it is convenient.

     4.Users do not need to line up at the terminal to log in and pay. They can place orders and pay through the computer WEB or mobile phone APP, avoiding the problem of congestion.

     5.In the entire process of sending, distributing and receiving, the information of the sender and receiver is always encapsulated in the form of a QR code, which truly avoids the leakage of user information and increases the efficiency of delivery and pickup.

How About Xianglong Customized Stainless Steel Keypad?

  1. Compared with the zinc alloy keypad, the stainless steel non-backlight keypad has strong customization. For example, the installation panel and the keys layout could be customized according to the various  demands of customers, and these customized services don't need to modify the mold and incur any extra costs. 

  2. The keys are laser engraved, so keys will never disappear gradually due to long use time.

  3. The panel and buttons are made of 304 stainless steel, which has strong anti-destructive ability.

  4. Service life ≥ 2 million times

  5. The keypad is IP67 waterproof, anti-drilling, and anti-disassembly.