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12 Keys Electronic Digital Keypad B661&B515 Installed In Access Control System

Time: 2020-03-27

    As an important guarantee for families and communities, access control systems are an essential and important part of smart cities and smart communities, providing security for people's lives.

    With the iteration of technology, the access control technology has been rapidly upgraded. Nowadays, most access control systems on the market can realize the integration of fire protection, alarm, video and other systems, and can integrate major technologies to achieve technical iteration. For example, when a fire occurs, the fire control system is triggered, the access control will automatically open the control area to facilitate people to escape. At the same time, the alarm system will be triggered. According to preset automatic notifications and alarms, video surveillance will be linked. It will automatically switch the accident area, monitor, record, capture and so on. It can be said that with the integration of more systems, the access control system has gradually developed into a comprehensive platform system to provide people with more secure protection.

Xianglong provide various electronic digital access control keypads all over the word for 14 years, the keypad is made of rugged zinc alloy material, and the silicone rubber's lifecyle could reach at least 1 million times, it's the best choice if you're looking for a waterproof and vandal resistant keypad.

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