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IP65 Kiosk Metal Industrial Keyboard With Trackball Used In Public Kiosks

Time: 2020-09-28

Why Are Public Kiosks Becoming More And More Common?

Public kiosks include AMC Ticketing, control management multimedia kiosks, Banking Kiosk, Bill Pay kiosks, Self-Serve Kiosk, etc. Through these devices, citizens can directly conduct financial services, pay public fees, self-service purchases, and obtain public information. The digital nature of the information kiosk, the contemporary design, and the multi-functional service system make its establishment itself a new landscape standing on the streets of the city.


Public kiosks take the public as the center and involve the citizens' food, clothing, housing and transportation, such as government affairs information, public service information, tourist guide information and other information inquiries. The information kiosk also contains the functions of an e-commerce platform. It provides services such as online or information kiosk online ordering and online payment based on the daily needs of the citizens. The citizens can complete various expenses such as electricity, water, gas, and telephone bills on the information kiosk. Inquiry, payment, purchase of car, train, plane tickets, etc. In addition, the information kiosk will also open a video phone service, and citizens can communicate with various public service units and businesses on the information kiosk. The main starting point is to allow citizens to truly enjoy the convenience brought to them by information technology.


For example, Banking Kiosk No more waiting… Today, customers apply for loans and credit cards easily at the virtual teller kiosk without waiting at the queues.

What Can Xianglong Provide On These Kiosks?

---IP65 Kiosk Metal Industrial Keyboard With Trackball

The Xianglong Compact Metal Industrial Stainless Steel Keyboard is a high quality and durable metal keyboard, which is perfect for industrial and commercial applications, such as date input of Kiosks, Industrial platform, Banking, Medical, Gas pumping, Gaming machine and Security equipment.


1.Water, dust and vandal resistant

2.Etching and inking lettering

3.Brushed surface

4.Compatible with WINDOWS98/ME/2000/XP and above

5.Designed for public, outdoor, industrial and other extreme surroundings

6.Can be cleaned with soapy water, disinfectant or other cleaning agents

7.1 year warranty, can be upgrade longer

8.CE approval

9.Interface: PS/2 or USB

10.Color: Silver

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