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Emergency communications fire telephone metal enclosure L38


In the firefighter telephone stations, it provides portablefirefighter telephone handsets which plug-in to permanently installed telephone jacks throughout the building. Plugging in the portable handset allows thefirefighters to communicate with the main control panel. As with the permanently installed telephones, these portable handsets are made from durable ABS plastic and come equipped with a coiled cord and a male phone plug which plugs into thefirefighters’ telephone jack. In addition, an optional handset storage cabinet is available to store up to six portable handsets.

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1. Galvanized sheet with powder coating (Default)

2. Stainless steel material (Optional)

3. Plastic (Optional)


Other details:

1. Customized logo.

2. Customized dimension or internal structure.

3. Customized powder coating color.



Emergency Communications Fire Phone Metal Cases are designed to protect fire phones from external elements, vandalism and tampering. These housings are typically made from durable metal materials, such as steel or aluminum, to provide a strong and secure housing for the fire telephone. Metal enclosures typically have lockable doors or covers to prevent unauthorized access and protect emergency communications equipment from environmental factors such as water, dust, and extreme temperatures.


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