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Why are fixed telephones still popular in developed countries?

Time: 2021-09-15

Why are fixed telephones still popular in developed countries?

1. Telephones

Today, when smart phones are fully popularized, many children born after 2010 may not even know what a landline phone is. Nowadays, as long as you talk to them about the phone, their first reaction must be a smart phone. Once upon a time, landline telephones were the ace electrical appliances that dominated every family in our country. All households are rushing to install phones, and after paying the money, they have to arrange numbers, which shows the popularity of fixed phones. However, after entering the new millennium, mobile phones began to become popular, and the status of fixed phones began to plummet.

However, people who have been to some western developed countries may find a strange phenomenon. That is, fixed telephones are not uncommon in foreign countries. To this day, every household in foreign countries can still see fixed telephones. Why are things that have been eliminated for several years in our country, but can still be seen in developed countries? Are we making progress, or are they stagnating?


In fact, this really has nothing to do with technological progress. In developed countries, like ours, smart phones can be used to fly. However, they still will not abandon fixed-line phones because developed countries are very sensitive to privacy.

As we all know, smart phones are absolutely incomparable with fixed phones in terms of confidentiality. Nowadays, fixed-line telephones are still used for diplomatic calls between countries. It is not difficult to see that the privacy of fixed-line telephones is considerable. Coupled with the built-in GPS positioning of the smartphone, not only the security of the call cannot be guaranteed, but even the location information can be exposed. Therefore, although many western countries also use smart phones, they still choose fixed telephone communication when encountering more important things.

In addition, it is also related to the deep-rooted telephone systems of these developed countries. Although our country had telephones as early as the Qing Dynasty, the popularity of telephones throughout the country was not high for a long time since then, and only some large cities have achieved full coverage. Even after the founding of New China, telephones are still a rarity in some rural areas and towns.

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