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What is the regular mistake of buying access control controller?

Time: 2022-02-25

Access control system is an important part of modern security. As the core of access control, it's quality and performance directly affect the stability of the entire access control system and affect the security and reliability of access control system. Let's take a look at the misunderstandings of the access control probe!  


1.The more powerful the better

Many domestic keyboards promote their products how powerful function, one-sided exaggerated function of access control, in fact, for access control system, stability and simple operation is the most important. We suggest that powerful extension functions should be shielded and provided only when customers need them to meet their needs. Some functions that customers do not need should not be recommended to customers, so as to reduce the cost of training and maintenance and satisfy customers.

2.The more expensive the better

Good cost-effective products are the best products. Expensive products may be due to his low output, or the cost of advertising is too high, not necessarily the product value is high. Cheap products may also be caused by the one-sided pursuit of low cost, reduced input of protection circuits, or the selection of inferior and second-hand chips. So the engineering business must sharpen the eyes of the product performance price ratio to do a reasonable evaluation.

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