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The Fireman Intercommunication System

Time: 2022-07-02

Effective communication is key to saving lives during emergencies. The equipment that enables our firefighters to do their job better, therefore, needs to be reliable.

It provides two-way communication between the remote handsets and the master handsets during emergencies or fire-fighting operations

It works through a network oftelephone handsetslocated at designated areas in the building


Basic features of the EVC System - Two-way

Control station - consisting of a microphone, selector switches to operate all loudspeakers, audio and visual fault indicators for the equipment, switch to silence the audio fault indicator, manual activation switch for pre-recorded messages, facility to isolate background music when required.

A recording system of not less than 120 minutes of continuous recording duration

Handsets - master and remote

Remote handset enclosure

Fault monitoring

Power amplifiers

Interface with the fire alarm system

Battery - charger, cabinet

The following steps are taken to ensure the EVC System - Two-way is operationally-ready for emergencies:

Test the operation of the remote handset to confirm that the call is correctly received at the master handset

Test a different remote handset at the time of test, so that all remote handsets in the building are tested in rotation (all remote handsets should be tested at least once a year)

Test the handsets by transmitting calls between the remote handsets throughout the building and the master handsets at the FCC on both a party-line and private-line basis

Check the standby battery power source to ensure its capacity is adequate to meet the calculated requirements

All fault indicators should be checked by simulation of fault conditions

Where provided, all auxiliary functions should be tested

Next, defects are identified for recommendation and rectified in a timely manner.

Tips on having an optimum EVC System - Two-way:

Ensure that the interface with the Fire Alarm System is connected and working in order, in the event of an emergency

Ensure that theconnection between themaster and remote handsetenables communication to be carried out from the different locations of the building

Ensure that allindicating devices on the master panel are working to provide information to the personnel in the FCC room to identify and give instructions with

Ensure that thestandby power source is sufficient to operate the equipment, in the event of power failure 

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