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Keypad sanitizer for ATMs and kiosks?

Time: 2021-12-07

Keypad sanitizer for ATMs and kiosks?

1.What's the Vscan

Vscan, an ATM keyboard sanitizing solution that can kill up to 99 percent of viruses and bacteria automatically in a single pass. is now availabe from ATM and kiosk manufacturer Genmega, according to a press release.

The sanitizing hardware was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for ATM and financial kiosks industries to provide a safe customer experience.

In 10 seconds, after each ATM or kiosk transaction, the scanning mechanism automatically comes down over the keypad, disinfecting and sterilizing the surface using a UV-C light process. Users are not exposed to the UV-C light at any time. Should a customer try to interrupt the scan by touching or blocking the hardware a torque-sensitive mechanism will stop and restart the process, according to the release.


2.What can we do?

We are specialized in Industrial keypad for ATM machines and kiosk with high quality and competitive price. If you have any interests please feel free to contact me!

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