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How to operate self-service refueling at gas station

Time: 2022-06-18

Self-service refueling at the gas station has become a refueling method that many car owners are willing to choose. It is convenient and saves time. Self-service refueling is also very friendly to new owners. Just follow the steps below:


1. First of all, you need to apply for a fuel card at the gas station With the fuel card, you can carry out self-service refueling and there will be certain discounts for recharging and payment.

2. Park the car and turn off the engine, open the fuel tank cover, find the fuel number required by your car, and insert the fuel card into the card slot.

3. After entering the password, select the refueling mode, press the liter or the amount, press the required amount and click OK, then you can pick up the oil gun to refuel.

4. Put the fuel gun into the fuel tank, make sure that the fuel tank safety buckle is open, and then press the fuel switch. At this time, the fuel tank will automatically start fueling according to the required amount.

5. After refueling, you can take out the fuel tank and hang it back to the original position. The self-service machine will display the quantity and amount of the refueling, and the fee will be automatically deducted from the fuel card. You can retrieve the fuel card, close the fuel tank cap and leave.


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