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Are you looking for Self-service fuel dispenser keypad?

Time: 2019-07-19

The fuel dispenser is used to add fuel to the car. With the development of the society, there are now some self-service fuel dispenser machines. People can refuel the car through the self-service fuel dispenser machine. Therefore, the keypad on the self-service fuel dispenser machine is an indispensable part of the fuel dispenser machine.

The fuel dispenser keypad includes a panel and a plurality of buttons arranged on the panel. The button is operated by the driver to achieve self-service fuel dispenser. Therefore, the dispenser keypad is the most touched component, but since it is operated by different people, At present, the ordinary panel is a single-layer board, which is not firm, and the panel is easily damaged for a long time.

In order to overcome these shortcomings, Xianglong provides a fuel dispenser keypad with anti-wear effect and strong and firm.

Xianglong's fuel dispenser keypad includes all the panels and buttons on the panel. The panel is a rectangular panel, including a front panel and a mounting board. A circuit board is arranged between the front panel and the mounting board, and a button matching the button is arranged on the front panel. The hole, the circuit board and the mounting plate are provided with a circuit board insulating pad, the surface is provided with an anti-friction layer, and the mounting plate is respectively provided with fixing holes around the board.
Such a fuel dispenser keyboard not only has good performance but also has long service life than others.