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ABS Flame Retardant 12 keys Plastic keypad -B102

Time: 2019-10-30

Xianglong has developed one new retardant keypad B102.

The keypad mainly used in various unsupervised or semi-regulated information terminals, such as Internet terminals, universities, shopping malls, hotels, banks, airports, stations and other public places, self-service kiosks, automatic ticket vending machines, bank tellers (automatic deposit / Cash machine), public telephone, instrumentation, CNC machine tools, security access control system, etc.


1.Consists of ABS frame and flame retardant ABS button.

2.The button is made of flame-retardant ABS injection molding process and the surface is sprayed with abrasion resistant paint. The flame retardant grade reaches the highest V0 standard, and the surface sprayed silver abrasion resistant paint has the visual sense of metal surface. 

3.Embedded installation.

4.Button layout can be redesigned according to customer requirements.

5.PCB board is double-sided gold plate, and the silicon conductive carbon particles are in reliable contact.

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