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HiFi sound army shoulder military handset A12


This handheld speaker mic is widely suitable for military activity, hunting, shooting game and others that need quick and convenient communication. Built-in big speaker isolates noise to create a super clear sound. And high sensitivity keeps you in touch with partners. Furthermore, it can be placed on the shoulders.

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1. Shell is made of Special PC/ ABS 

2. PVC coiled Cord 

3. Pierce-proof and Hi-Fi transmitter and receiver.

1. The standsrd length of the curly cord is 250mm, the diameter of the cable is Φ5mm.

2. Connector can be chosen: Y-spade,RJ11,XH-pg,USB,Audio Jack, Aviation Joint, XLR Connector,ect. 

3. Handset Color: standard is black or red, other color can be customized. 

4. Microphone: Electret microphone or Dynamic microphone.


Waterproof Grade


Ambient Noise


Working Frequency

2004000 Hz

Working Temperature


Relative Humidity


Atmospheric Pressure

80110 K Pa


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