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Fire fighter emergency telephone handset with phone jack A23+LW056


In the firefighter telephone stations, it provides portablefirefighter telephone handsets which plug-in to permanently installed telephone jacks throughout the building. Plugging in the portable handset allows thefirefighters to communicate with the main control panel. As with the permanently installed telephones, these portable handsets are made from durable ABS plastic and come equipped with a coiled cord and a male phone plug which plugs into thefirefighters’ telephone jack. In addition, an optional handset storage cabinet is available to store up to six portable handsets.

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1. RoHS approved ChiMei Polycarbonate (Optional)

2. UL/RoHS approved ChiMei Acrylate Styrene Acrylonitrile (Default)

3. PC copolymer with enhanced UV stabilization Lexan Resin SLX2432T (Optional)

4. Explosion-proof Carbon loaded ABS and flame resistant ABS material are available

Cord details:

1. PVC curly cord (Default)

- Standard cord length 9 inch in retracted, 6 feet after extended (Default)

- Customized different length is available.

2. Weather resistant PVC curly cord (Optional)

3. Hytrel curly cord (Optional)


Waterproof Grade


Ambient Noise


Working Frequency

3003400 Hz


515 dB


-72 dB


≥7 dB

Working Temperature


Relative Humidity


Atmospheric Pressure

80110 K Pa


1. Standard Receiver-Dynamic EA1503 (Default) 

 - DC Resistance : 130±10% ohm  

 - Frequency Response Range: 300 Hz-3400 Hz  

 - Sensitivity: 95±3 dB at 60mv  

 - Impedance: 150±20% ohm at 1 KHz 

2. EA1509 high magnetic receiver (Optional) 

 - MF Intensity Axial:-58±2dB at 1KHz 60mV, 0 dB=1 A/m 

 - Frequency Response Range: 300 Hz-3400 Hz  

 - Sensitivity: 100±2 dB at 60mv  

 - Impedance: 150±20% ohm at 1 KHz 

3. EA1512 hearing-aid receiver (Optional) 

 - MF Intensity radial≥-22dB at 1KHz, 0 dB=1 A/m 

 - Frequency Response Range: 300 Hz-3400 Hz  

 - Sensitivity: 98±2 dB at 1 Hz 60mV 

 - Impedance: 150±20% ohm at 1 KHz 60mV


1. Standard Microphone-EB5421 Electret Microphone  (Default) 

 - Sensitivity: -34±2 dB 

 - Impedance: 2.2K ohm Maximum 

 - Directivity: Omni-directional 

 - S/N Ratio: 6 dB Minimum at 1 KHz,1Pa


Firefightertelephoneshandsetare designed to operate in conjunction withseriesemergencyzonedaudiosystem. These telephone handsets are permanently installed throughout a building to allowfirefighters easy communication with the main control panel.


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