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Xianglong Explosion Proof Handset And Zinc Alloy Keypad Were Installed In Public Kiosk

Time: 2019-12-18

A few days ago, when I was walking on Yangming Street, I urgently need a phone call, but the mobile phone was almost no power, so I wanted to search for a nearby mobile charging treasure. To my surprise, I found a public payphone kiosk on the map navigation app!

For many Britons, memories are precious. Although the red telephone kiosks which scattered everythere are already not as a functional public facility, this iconic product of the era represents the prosperous and glorious period of Britain in the past, and maybe this is the reason why the British still can't abandon it.

Nowadays, With the continuous development of the civil aviation industry, more and more advanced concepts have been introduced into airports.Airports and airlines offer a variety of self-services:Self-service check-in, self-check baggage, self-service clearance, self-shopping.Shorten the time for passengers to go through the formalities and improve the quality of services, so it is welcomed by more and more tourists.

Self-service kiosks: 3 minutes to reassure families.

Since November 2013, passengers at the Capital Airport can make free domestic long-distance calls on the IAT convenience public welfare terminal marked with a telephone logo. In order to reflect the principle of fair and emergency use of toll-free numbers, Capital Airport has limited each toll-free domestic long-distance call to 3 minutes on the basis of fully researching passenger call needs and usage habits. This free convenience service is another important step for Beijing Capital Airport to be promoted as a top international airport.

At present, there are nearly a thousand convenient telephone terminals in the Capital Airport, and free telephone services have covered more than half of China's airport passengers. Over the past three years, the number of toll-free telephones provided has exceeded 300 million minutes, and the number of people has reached nearly 100 million, saving more than 180,000 yuan in phone bills for passengers traveling to and from the Capital Airport each month.